Testing and Debugging of Timing Circuits

It is a news update for those who are interested in our Timing Devices. Timing devices for Motorised Lubrication Pumps manufactured by  Lubrite Industries are now designed to save the space and give better timing accuracy.

Timing devices are now upgraded using custom developed SMT circuits which uses SMD VLSI and also thru-hole components. Our team of professionals have redesigned the timing devices using multi-layered PCBs and new range of SMD components to give better timing accuracy and reliability to the centralised lubrication process.

The team in Lubrite uses various tools like Oscilloscope and Smart Tweezers to manufacture and debug these small circuits. The days of bulky old timing devices are now over. These timing devices are so small that you will not even notice them as an independent entity working with your lubrication pumps.

Any further inquiries related to these new timing devices can be forwarded to our head office.