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Lubrite Industries is an ISO Certified Centralised Lubrication System manufacturer and exporters from India. We manufacture Lubrication pumps and Lubrication systems.

We also manufacture Deluxe Lubrication Units, Electronic Timers, Electronic Controllers, Metering Cartridges, Junction Blocks, Fittings (st. connectors, Elbow Connectors, Banjo Bolt assembly, D/E connectors, Clamps, Tubings, Planning/ Installation of the system. Single Line Lubrication Pumps, Manual Grease, Pumps, Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump, Dual Line Dose Feeders.
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Lubrite Industries is an independent 100% own world-class manufacturing company which has achieved pioneer status in terms of technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of Lubrication. Decades of manufacturing experience assures that our products are among the best in the industry.
Timing Devices

Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controller can also be used to ON-OFF the Motorised units. This device maintain the lubrication cycle as well as monitors the operation of float Switch and Pressure switch at the same time. Electronic Controllers are suitable for units such as : LAU-03FPS, LAU-05 FPS, LAU-08 FPS & LDU-03 FPS However, cintactor is to be used in this case.

Fault relay contacts can also be used for audio / Visual commands or for interlocking the machine in case of lubrication falure.

In case arrangement for contactor is not possible, ECC-5 can be used. It is a complete solution with in built controller and contactor.

Electronic Controller - Model EC-5 Electronic Controller - Model ECC-5
Model Ec-5 Model Ecc-5
Power Supply :

220V +- 10% AC, 50Hz

Motor Relay on Time


5 seconds after actuation of pressure switch

Limitation of motor relay On time


60 seconds in case of pressure failure

Off Time


Selectable 1-128 minutes

Off Time Setting


By Knob

Start :

Motor Relay On when power is turned On.

Reset :

by Pushing the Button Rest.

Repeat Accuracy


+- 10%

Operating Temperature



Maximum Power Consumption :

3 VA

Contact Rating


(a) Motor Relay : One potential free NO contact 2 amp non indicative at 220V AC

(b) Fault Relay : One potential free change contact 2 amp non indicative at 220V AC

Lub Shot Facility


Alub shot switch parallel to relay contacts provides extra lubrication as and when required.

Monitoring of Oil Pressure


LED Lub fault flickers & fault relay is actuated in case pump fails to develop pressure even in 60 seconds.

Monitoring of Oil Level


 LED Low OIL Flickers when oil level in the reservoir goes below the Float Switch.

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