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Lubrite Industries is an ISO Certified Manufacturer and Exporter of Manual Grease Pumps. We manufacture Lubrication pumps and Lubrication systems.

We also manufacture Deluxe Lubrication Units, Electronic Timers, Electronic Controllers, Metering Cartridges, Junction Blocks, Fittings (st. connectors, Elbow Connectors, Banjo Bolt assembly, D/E connectors, Clamps, Tubings, Planning/ Installation of the system. Single Line Lubrication Pumps, Manual Grease, Pumps, Automatic Dual Line Lubrication Pump, Dual Line Dose Feeders.
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Lubrite Industries is an independent 100% own world-class manufacturing company which has achieved pioneer status in terms of technology and manufacturing capabilities in the field of Lubrication. Decades of manufacturing experience assures that our products are among the best in the industry.
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Manual Grease Pumps

Lubrite Manual Grease Pumps are meant to deliver grease to the bearings and other moving parts of the various machines.

These Pumps suck the grease through Suction Port by pulling the handle maximum out & eject determined amount of grease under pressure when the handle is pushed back.

These pumps are wall mounted and should be installed in vertical position at a place conveniently accessible to the operator.

These pumps have outlet ports of 1/4" BSP on both sides. Lubrication line can be taken from either of the outlets through Check valve Assembly and other outlet is to bleed the entrapped air in the grease through Bleed valve.

Gun filler attachment is recommended for refilling the reservoir of the pump with grease to avoid air locks or risk of contamination of grease from foreign matter.

Manual Grease Pump,Manual Grease Pump India
Manual Grease Pump Specification  
  LGP-05 LGP-15
Reservoir Capacity 0.5 kg 1.5 kg
Discharge Per Stroke 2.5 gm 5.0 gm
Maximum Pressure 70 kg/ 100 kg/
Recommended Grease NLGI 1 or 2
LGP - 05 125 125 138 45 60 174 215 315
LGP - 15 65 140 160 75 95 225 400 500
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